Big excitement in the boat arena. WBHSLSC has been invited to enter Ocean Thunder Boat Series 2023. Ocean Thunder is an annual professional elite surfboat series held at Dee Why Beach, Sydney and attracting the best surf rowers in the world.

Congratulations to Steve and your crews, you are doing yourselves proud along with your supporters at WBHSLSC.

A great opportunity for local sponsorship on Fox Sports

Surf Sports are a fun way for our lifesavers to develop the skills they use on the beach and in the water to save lives.
From First Aid to Ironman there is a surf sport to suit every age and ability.

At Wauchope Bonny Hills we aim to encourage all our members to participate in surf sports and we have several surf boat teams , ski paddlers and board and swim competitors .We also have a strong tradition in the March Past and R and R events.

Over the years our athletes have competed at Branch, State , National and even World level.



Our club has a well equipped gym which is available to active members when the club is open.

Members are requested to pre-book a spot in the gym by using our booking link

Members are reminded that they must comply with current COVID restrictions and sanitisation procedures.
For group training the rowing machines must be moved outside.

 Surf Boat Training 

Experienced Rower, Sweep  and Coach, Steve Monaghan runs Surf Boat Training.

 For more information please contact Steve directly  on 0412 662 887.

 Ski paddling

Every Saturday at 8am with Elaine.

Elaine is a SLSA accredited ski development coach.

Beginners are welcome from age 14 to Masters, meet at the club, we have skis to suit every size and ability. Sessions will take place at the river in Camden Haven or at the beach depending on conditions and participants’ abilities.

During daylight saving hours additional ski paddling sessions are run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 5.30pm at the beach.

If you require further information please contact Elaine on 0405 492 109 or email 


Join our club coach Adam Smith every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6am at Port Macquarie for a swim session.

Sunday Funday

Meet at the club every Sunday morning at 8am for a fun session practising your surf skills with coach Adam. You can choose to go for a swim, do some board practice, or some ski paddling, or all three.

Then, after all that hard work settle in for second breakfast at Bonny’s Beach Cafe.


Our Co Vice President Monika Di Maio is currently looking for interested parties to form R and R and March Past Teams.

Monika has been involved in R and R in Sydney for many years and is a coach and official in this area.

What is R and R?

Rescue and Resuscitation is a traditional surf sports event based around the old belt and reel method of rescue that was originally used by lifesavers. It is a team event of 2, 5 or 6 people. The 2 person event concentrates on the resuscitation of a patient.

The 5 and 6 person events involve the use of the rescue reel where a belt swimmer swims to rescue the patient, the patient is brought back to shore and the resuscitation exercise is completed.

This short video from SLSA illustrates the event;

If you are interested in R and R or March Past please contact Monika at


Click on the link below to see this seasons surf sports calendar:

Surf Sports Calendar 2021-22

More information about surf sports can be found in our club surf sports manual:

Surf Sports Handbook 2021-22 

Also check the club Facebook page for updates.
Please Note: Due to the disruption in patrols, competition members are being given a 10 hour patrol hour exemption: 
i.e. only 15 hours required this competition season to be eligible to compete.
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