Nippers Water Safety

Before nippers commences each Sunday, the Patrol Captain and Water Superintendent conduct a beach risk assessment to determine the safest areas on the beach for nippers to enter the water.

Surf Life Saving Australia’s Water Safety Policy requires a ratio of one water safety person for every five nippers as a minimum.

Water safety crew must wear high visibility orange/yellow rash shirts and caps while assisting in this role.

Water safety crew must hold a current Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). The Mid North Coast Branch offers SRC and Bronze Medallion courses for parents or carers wishing to assist with water safety. We always need more water safety volunteers so please speak to a Junior Activities Committee member for more details.

We ask that parents and carers without the necessary water safety qualifications do not swim with their child during nippers.

If you’d like to be in the water with your child, please remove their nipper cap and pink rash vest to avoid confusion, and swim between the red and yellow flags.

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