Member Protection, Welfare and Support Team

The Wauchope-Bonny Hills SLSC Member Protection, Welfare, Chaplaincy and Support Team are club members who have volunteered to be independent and confidential persons to protect, represent and listen to our members at times when our members need help, are involved in an unpleasant experience, or wish to report an incident which is in breach of WBHSLSC’s code of conduct. Furthermore, this team are a support network for our members who are experiencing “tough times” or just need someone to talk to. 

If you would like a confidential conversation with one of the Member Protection, Welfare and Support Team Members, please reach out to them directly.

Members Protection Policy

Child Safety Policy

Leanne Goggin – Members Protection Information Officer (MPIO)  and Child Protection Officer

Leanne Goggin (nee Smith) is a Life Member of WBHSLSC and has had many years of volunteering and held a number of roles and executive positions at Wauchope Bonny Hills Surf Lifesaving Club.
She is married to Dave and they have two fabulous kids (young adults now) who both have gained so much from Surf Life Saving themselves. One of the most rewarding things she does as a family, is to patrol altogether (when everyone’s home at the same time) on beautiful Rainbow beach here at Bonny’s. Leanne was one of the first women to gain the Qualifying Certificate (1979/80 season) now known as the Surf Rescue Certificate.

To speak to Leanne phone 0439 848 996 or email

Benita Seymour

Benita Seymour is PDHPE teacher at Camden Haven High School. She has been a part of WBH SLSC on and off since she was a nipper. Her two daughters currently are Nippers at our club. She is part Patrol 1 and hold my BM and ARTC. She received a 10x Year patrol service award last season. Benita is also an integral part of the surfboat rowing crew. 

To speak to Benita phone 0458 530 053

Greg Hickey – MPIO and Club Chaplin

Greg has been a long-term patrolling member of Wauchope Bonny Hills Surf Lifesaving. He is married to Tami together they have 5 young children. His oldest children. Greg is a high school teacher.

Greg is an active member of the local Salt Community Church and is accredited as a Sports Chaplain with Sports Chaplaincy Australia.

To speak to Greg phone 0425 303 042

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